Womennovator - A Virtual Incubator For Women

Womennovator - a virtual incubator for women

Year 2021 marks a milestone for Womennovator’s journey. Womennovator was started in 2014, and 2021 is the 7th year of its existence. seven in indian culture and its scriptures have a great significance. There are seven sacred rivers in India. Indian music finds its basis on seven notes, the seven colors of rainbow define a spectrum, and a mix of these gives us the color of light, which is white. Matrika is a Sanskrit word that means “Mother” or Divine Mother.” Hinduism refers to this group of mothers like goddesses always depicted together and usually 7 in number. Talking of Hindu Scripture and Age-Old Yoga and its connection, the human body also has seven primary chakras. Chakras literally means a “Wheel” that refers to energy points in your body.

Womennovator is one of the world’s largest platforms which connects aspiring women entrepreneurs to the policy decision makers like government enterprises, ministries and banks. Womennovator creates a powerful network among the experts, mentors, guides and provides an opportunity to avail any support in terms of mentoring, training, investment and marketing requirements.


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