Womennovator Round table: what you can expect

Womennovator Round table: what you can expect to do in a Round Table Event


Womennovator's Round Table hosted  by < Name> , influencer Womennovator 

*5 mins Setting the tone of the event, why we are here?  

* 5 mins talk by Leaders : About Womennovator |  Incubation  Programme | WEMARK , e commerce for Women| Womennovator 10K Mission  2022 

* 5 mins Why signup with us : growth for you, different programmes and offering of Womennovator.

* 30 mins ( if 30 women) 1 min self introduction by the attendees. 

* 5 mins presentation by hosting partner or special guest if any 

* 30 seconds  ask & give talk by the attendees.

5 mins Passing the torch to other leaders for hosting round table 

* 10- 15 mins Question & Answer session.

* Vote of thanks by the leader

* Networking over high tea.

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