Rajni Ohri

Modal & Actor


The brand Ohria was born out of my passion for natural skincare and natural products. My love for nature made me inquisitive to learn Ayurveda as my parents visited Rishikesh each year for their religious trips. We’d would spend her time in Rishikesh learning Ayurveda from Acharya (teacher). The more I learnt, the more I felt drawn towards it to know more. Under the Acharya’s guidance, I learnt about preparation of hair oils butters & salves, pishti, bhasms etc. and acquired holistic knowledge of Ayurveda from him. Interestingly, I was just 12 years old when I experimented with making my own cream. Though it did not turn out to be perfect but I loved it for it was 100% natural. Back then, I had no idea that she would utilize these experiments & knowledge but I kept learning and made notes to save all her learning from fading from her memory. My master’s knowledge on Ayurveda was beyond words and what I learnt from him was precious. I began working on the Ohria range in 2016, after 2 years of intensive research, giving her acharya’s formulations & knowledge a deliverable form.