Maryam Haider

Modal & Actor


We are still kept the the culture of nizams of Hyderabad a life by bringing more creativity in our designs each and every day.This business was started with zero investment as a part of hobby due to the laugh which our clients have provided us across the world made it one successful business, which has helped us to achieve the heights within within 3 years. This is a business which help us to survive in the market without investing a single money for one and half years then after one and half years we started investing some amount in the stock and now we hold a workshop in Hyderabad which is in the partnership with some other people wear a product get manufactured and polished and from there we sell it to the people across the globe.this journey is very much close to my heart because this is dedicated to my mother who is the first lady in the town area of jalali who provided employment to the females and made self dependent.