Ridhu Bhatia

Modal & Actor


I own a Restaurant and Bar called Together at 12th, We use locally sourced ingredients to create innovative food and drinks, while working closely with farmers and artisans. Our aim is to showcase the variety of cuisines, techniques and produce India has to offer.We are trying to showcase Indian Ingredients, cooking techniques and Handicrafts in an international and world-class manner which none of the other restaurants are doing currently. Our chef Vanshika also goes all over the world propagating local Indian ingredients through Chefs Manifesto and World Economic Forum. We have also hosted various international chefs and taken them to our farms and they have cooked with the ingredients they got from them in our restaurant. I, as a writer and communicator, I use my education to market and effectively communicate our philosophy to the world.Within a year of opening Together at 12th has received various accolades for instance being on the list of best new restaurants by Conde Nast Traveller and also awarded the Best Bar in the country. Hospitality is an arduous industry and this being my first foray into this particular industry, it has been a fruitful journey with a long way still to go.