Lakshmi dutta gupta

Modal & Actor


"""I’m Lakshmi Dutta Gupta aka Laksshya, who ventured out of the comfort of corporate career of 35 years to give shape to my passion interest in life. That’s singing! From the tender age of 15, people have cheered me on - for my distinct voice and singing – to choose singing as a career. When I finally cut my own song for a real release on International Women’s Day- March 8, 2020; destiny played its card with the pandemic outbreak, ruling out any chance of face to face engagement with people. And possibly threatening to cut short my singing career just as it began. Determined and restless, I asked myself how I could respond to this crisis facing the world while steadily working on song compositions. We did the best we could to financially support those in our environment whose livelihood had been affected by the announcement of lockdown 1.0. What thereafter began as a desire to support a tailor in the neighborhood, whose livelihood was as affected, turned into a small business venture. Laksshya, a brand born during the pandemic in 2020 seeks to create empowerment. This clothing and accessories brand has a vision to work with the less privileged tailors and craftsmen in India and bring to you fashion that will make you stand out in this covidian times. Interaction with the mentors from different streams during the Womennovator Incubation program, has helped me obtain concrete ideas on how define the business in a compelling manner, create a sharp pitch, brand it, market it and identify channels of distribution which will help me grow the biz. Thank you Team Womennovator! Power to you 😀"""