Uncovering Hidden Stories: Womennovator's 100 Power Women Program

Womennovator Launches the 100 Power Women Program to Uncover Hidden Stories of Women from Different Cities. To know more CLICK HERE

Womennovator has launched the 100 Power Women Program to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of women in various sectors and cities. Women have made remarkable contributions to various fields, breaking barriers, and achieving feats that were once considered unattainable. To showcase the impact of women in [Sector/City], the organization plans to compile a list of 100 Power Women, highlighting the achievements of these influential women.

The goal is to recognize the contributions of women from diverse backgrounds, sectors, and industries who have made a significant impact in their respective fields.

Through this initiative, Womennovator aims to inspire and encourage future generations of women to pursue their goals and aspirations, knowing that they too can achieve greatness regardless of their gender.

The organization believes that support from leaders is crucial to making this initiative a success and invites them to nominate women from their respective fields who have made significant contributions to society.

Overall, the Women in [Sector] Power 100 campaign aims to celebrate the contributions of women in [Sector] and inspire the next generation of women leaders in this field. To enrol, kindly fill out this form provided by the organization. CLICK HERE

As the leader who nominates, some of the steps involved in the process may include defining the criteria for selecting the women based on factors such as their achievements, impact, influence, and contribution to their respective fields. Conducting research to identify potential candidates by reaching out to experts and organizations in different sectors for recommendations. Once a list of potential candidates is identified, they may be shortlisted based on the defined criteria. This may involve reaching out to the shortlisted candidates for interviews and conducting background checks to verify their credentials and achievements. Based on the interviews and background checks, the final list of 100 power women can be prepared. 


Who can participate?  

  1. You can be any gender but with the passion to be empower others 

  2. Someone with political aspiration to help our country towards gender equality  

  3. An entrepreneur who is leading the way in their industry or 

  4. An individual who is making a difference in their community or 

  5. A professional who is challenging the status quo in their workplace. 


Why should you participate?  

As a leader, being part of the 100 Power Women Program can offer several benefits, such as: 

  1. Increased visibility and recognition: By being featured in the Womennovator Magazine and being nominated for the Womennovator 10k Fellowship Program, you can increase your visibility and be recognized as a leader who is making a difference in your community, workplace, or industry. Get awarded and incubated with Womennovator.  

  2. Networking opportunities: By being part of a program that brings together 100 power women from diverse backgrounds, you can expand your network and connect with other leaders who share your passion for empowering women. 

  3. Platform to inspire others: The 100 Power Women Program is an opportunity to share your story and inspire others, particularly other women who may be looking for role models or mentors. 

  4. Representation: By being part of the program, you can represent Womennovator and be a voice for gender equality and empowerment, which aligns with the values of many leaders today. 

  5. Be on the cover page of the Magazine and empower not yourself but also others from your circle. 

  6. Opportunity to get incubated with Womennovator Incubation Program.  

Overall, being part of the 100 Power Women Program can help leaders demonstrate their commitment to diversity, empowerment, and making a difference in the world. 


  • Other benefit to leaders and applicants Representation and opportunity as a spoke’s person.  

  • Strong social media reach 

  • Platform for networking, learning, and growth.  

  • ELIGIBLE TO OFFER MENTORSHIP AND GUIDANCE to women entrepreneurs by enrolling on the community. CLICK HERE 

  • IN THE FRONTLINES OF THE MISSION is to unleash the power of women by providing opportunities, resources, and recognition through our Incubation Program. CLICK HERE 

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  • For any query write at we@womennovators.com and to set up a meeting – CLICK HERE 

  • Two groups must be made (a 100 power women for the invited women) and (b Stakeholder group for Jury, influencer, leaders, and partners only) Please Note: selected Jury must be over and above 100 power women.  



To Apply as a leader :- Click Here
To know more watch the video – Womennovator 100 Power Women initiative- CLICK HERE 
To know more CHECK OUT THE DETAILED PPT – Womennovator 100 Power Women initiative - CLICK HERE 


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