Womennovator 10K Fellowship Program
DEWI (Development & Enhancing Women of India)

About the Program

The Womennovator 10K Fellowship Program empowers women leaders from diverse backgrounds, industries, and geographies by providing them with skills, tools, and resources to create a positive impact in their communities and beyond. The program recognizes 100 power women from every city or sector for their achievements and impact, and the leader and top 28 most-liked profiles are nominated for the Womennovator 10K Fellowship Program. Through this initiative, women can expand their network, gain new insights, hone their leadership skills, and receive support and guidance from experienced mentors and coaches.

The Womennovator 10K Fellowship Program ( DEWI – Development & Enhancing Women of India ) is a transformative initiative empowering women across 250 cities and 6 countries. To recognize and support 10,000 exceptional individuals, the program offers holistic business incubation, networking opportunities, skill enhancement, go-to-market strategy, and the WE-Pitch Competition and awards. 


Here is team Womennovator's Aspirational GOAL
     🚀 250 Leaders   🚀 90 Sectors  🚀 250 Cities   🚀 250 WE Pitch Competition   🚀 250 Magazines  🚀 1,500 Mentors (6 Mentor in every city)   🚀 1,000 Partners   🚀 10,000 women to be awarded 🚀 40,000 + 60 Sec Videos   🚀 100,000 strong community   🚀 $100 Million Economic Impact   

6 Pillars

Engage Now “Womennovator 10k Fellowship Program”

  • Step 1

    Apply for Womennovator 10k Fellowship awards.

    As Leader/ Influencer
    As Mentor/ Jury 
    As Partner ( College, Institution, Value Partner)
    As Women Faces
    As Institutional/ College Ambassador
    Apply Now
  • Step 2

    Womennovator 100 Power Magazine

    Fill out the form to reflect “your story” on Womennovator 100 Power magazine
      Submit your untold story here
    Click Here To Submit Your Story
  • Step 3

    Submit Your Video

    Shoot a 1-minutes video introducing yourself and how WE Community can help.
      Once uploaded and approved, view your inspiring Pitch on WE Pitch YouTube channel and Join our Facebook Womennovator community link and introduce yourself.
      If you get maximum likes in your city or sector, we will be happy to publish your story via our social media.
    Upload Your Video
  • Step 4

    WE-Pitch Competition

    Join us for an extraordinary event curated just for you by @Womennovator – the WE-Pitch Event! 🎤 
      🚀 What to Expect: 
    ·       100 women, 60 seconds each, sharing their elevator pitches!
      ·       Our distinguished jury will select 28 outstanding pitches for incubation program entry and the We-Pitch Award.
       ·       Networking opportunities, mentorship insights, and chance to be published by our media team.  
      👭 Why Attend?
       Connect with like-minded women, gain valuable insights, and witness the strength of women-led businesses.  This is your chance to shine    
    Check Out Our Events
  • Step 5

    We Shop

    Womennovator Shop (WE Shop) is a global online marketplace, where women come together to List & Sell product and services. And get bulk orders from corporates and government organizations through our gender responsive procurement initiative
    List Your Product & Services
  • Step 6

    Incubation And Acceleration

    The WE - Incubation Program for Women is a 10 weeks incubation program for women enterprise based in India across various sectors. The program is designed to bring the best of Womennovator's programs to women-led ventures across the various sectors.
    Apply For Incubation & Acceleration

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