Partnership For Goals: How Womennovator Does That

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United Nations SDG 17 fixates on the importance of collaboration and partnership. SDG 17 Partnership for the goals states to strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.  

Womennovator is big on partnerships and collaborations. We have planned a plethora of initiatives to do that. 

A strong and better community can be built via cooperation and partnership. Partnership and collaboration can bring stability (financial and non-financial) while attaining common goals, in addition to advancing your mission.   

There are common reasons why organizations decide to investigate these choices, even if each organization has its own unique justifications for working collaboratively.  

About Womennovator’s Initiatives 

Womennovators believes in acceleration through our micro-interventions. Here is a brief of all our iongoing and upcoming initiatives:

1. Many government bodies and corporates have supported our flagship “Global Incubation & Acceleration” program. We have successfully incubated over 500+ women start-ups this year. We are on an audacious journey to incubate 10000 start-ups. The program is designed to bring the best of Womennovator's programs to women-led ventures across the various sectors.

2. The Womennovator Global Drive Yatra commences early next year. Womennovator intends to reach a target of 10K Women throughout cities and sectors as part of our five-year plan. We will be starting with our flagship event, the Global Yatra, to achieve this ambition. The simple goal is to connect with the women's communities in 200+ districts across India and develop plans of action based on their problems.

3. We recently sensitized our corporates and govt bodies towards Gender Responsive Procurement (GRP) – the idea was while the Incubation program made women producers of goods and services, they needed to get opportunities to sell them. The GRP is a nudge for their business to grow and accelerate. Many corporates have opted to include our women entrepreneurs in their supply chain.

4. We are also curating our first ever Creator’s Awards for female influencers and content creators who dare to bring a change in the society by the fabulous content created by them.

5. Apart from these we also work on curating customized fellowship targeting a particular segment or city/ state based on the specific requirement shared. 

6. Studies have shown, women in higher education have increase by 7%, however the conversion from student to a working professional has decreased by 8%. Women need to realize the value of education and learn financial independence. Mostly the reasons being marriage and unfair working conditions, women are deprived of their bright futures. Pledge with us to eradicate these reasons and make the numbers of women increase in the Female Labour force Participation

Why and how you should partner with us 

Womennovator has always believed in co-creation. We strongly believe in and comply with SDG 17- Partnership for Goals. We have been ranked in the top 7 incubators for women by the Makers India report. Our founder Tripti Somani has earmarked the policy of 3% mandatory procurement from MSME women entrepreneurs. Womennovator gives a platform to all the bussing and scaling entrepreneurs to showcase their businesses and reach a higher level with all the technology-enabled support and guidance from mentors of various facets of expertise. We have analytical tools for the development of ventures and dashboards to capture measurable and meaningful impact and case studies. We have 300+ college, value, and association partners in our bucket who are actively working for our cause. We have a record of conducting events and having leaders across various sectors and cities.  

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