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Exciting news for women entrepreneurs in India! Amazon has partnered with Womennovator to provide a platform for 200 women entrepreneurs to expand their businesses globally. With the support of mentors, leaders, partners, community, and the Womennovator team, this collaboration is set to empower women entrepreneurs to "Go Global" and achieve their dreams. Founder message.

To ensure a smooth onboarding process with Amazon Global Selling, Womennovator recommends enrolling in WESHOP (https://womennovators.com/we/we-shop )  an e-commerce platform created specifically for women entrepreneurs. This will provide access to training, mentorship, and other resources to help your business succeed on the Amazon marketplace.

If you're a woman entrepreneur looking to expand your business globally or you would like to nominate, this is an incredible opportunity you won't want to miss! Respond to the email and confirm your enrolment to get started on this exciting journey. Let us support you every step of the way towards achieving your global business goals.

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Go global with Womennovator and Amazon

The collaboration between Amazon India and Womennovator can bring several benefits to women empowerment.

  • Firstly, it provides an opportunity for women entrepreneurs to launch their products on Amazon's international marketplaces and create global brands from India. This initiative can help women entrepreneurs expand their customer base beyond India and access international markets, which can boost their business growth and financial independence.
  • Secondly, Amazon's Global Selling program provides women entrepreneurs with skill development workshops and training on product listing, pricing, global logistics, and more. This can help women entrepreneurs gain the necessary knowledge and skills to run a successful ecommerce exports business, which can increase their confidence and competitiveness in the global marketplace.
  • Thirdly, this collaboration can help address the gender gap in entrepreneurship by providing women entrepreneurs with access to resources and support that can help them overcome the challenges they face while starting and scaling their businesses. By supporting women entrepreneurs, Amazon India and Womennovator can contribute to creating a more inclusive and equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem in India.

Overall, the collaboration between Amazon India and Womennovator can help women entrepreneurs realize their full potential, achieve financial independence, and contribute to India's economic growth.

Amazon India has announced a collaboration with Womennovator, a global incubator for women entrepreneurs, to support 200 women entrepreneurs in scaling their operations across India and the world. The initiative aims to enable women entrepreneurs to launch their products on Amazon's international marketplaces and create global brands from India. The participating businesses are from diverse categories such as apparel, beauty, jewelry, spices, sanitation, handicrafts, home decor, and office products.

Over the next two years, Amazon will onboard these entrepreneurs on its ecommerce exports program, Global Selling, and provide them with the necessary support, tools, and technologies to establish a robust ecommerce exports business. This includes skill development workshops on nuances of e-commerce exports, training on product listing, pricing, global logistics, and more, at no additional cost.

Bhupen Wakakar, Director, Global Trade at Amazon India, stated, "Our focus at Amazon India is to continue to make exports easier and more accessible for businesses of all sizes as we work towards our commitment of enabling $20 billion in cumulative e-commerce exports from India by 2025."

The Global Selling program was launched in India in 2015 to help lower the entry barrier for Indian MSMEs to start or expand their online exports business. Today, the program has over 1 lakh exporters across India, showcasing millions of Made in India products to customers in 200+ countries and territories across the world. Many of these businesses are first-generation entrepreneurs and emerging brands. Amazon Global Selling has been witnessing remarkable growth, and Indian MSMEs exporting through the program have surpassed $5 billion in cumulative sales till now. Amazon has pledged to enable $20 billion in cumulative exports from India by 2025.

Tripti Singhal Somani, Founder, Womennovator, expressed her excitement about the collaboration and said, "At Womennovator, we aim to empower billions of women through our flagship initiatives such as the Global Roadshow, Creators Fest, 100 Power Women and Incubation and Acceleration Program providing them with the necessary resources to realize their full potential."

Amazon has been focused on creating a robust infrastructure to enable businesses of all sizes to export from India through ecommerce. The company continues to work with industry peers, trade associations, state and central government bodies, and export councils to bring the benefits of e-commerce exports to Indian MSMEs.

The collaboration between Amazon India and Womennovator is open to all women entrepreneurs who are associated with Womennovator and have a desire to expand their business operations across India and globally. Women entrepreneurs from diverse categories such as apparel, beauty, jewelry, spices, sanitation, handicrafts, home decor, and office products are participating in this initiative. The program is designed to provide necessary support and resources to enable women entrepreneurs to launch their products on Amazon's international marketplaces and create global brands from India.

These women entrepreneurs should be honored as trailblazers and role models for other women. They are breaking the glass ceiling and defying traditional gender roles by starting and running their own businesses. By enrolling in programs such as Amazon's Global Selling, they are expanding their operations and taking their businesses to the next level, creating opportunities for themselves and for others. Their determination, resilience, and hard work are not only benefiting themselves but also contributing to the growth of the Indian economy. These women are an inspiration to other women who may be hesitant to start their own businesses or pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Honoring their achievements can encourage more women to follow in their footsteps and contribute to the economic and social progress of the country.

Follow the link to know more- https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/small-biz/entrepreneurship/amazon-partners-with-womennovator-to-enable-200-indian-women-entrepreneurs-go-global/articleshow/98447057.cms




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