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Fatima Saba Naqvi

A big thank you to Tripti Somani ji and Team Womennovator @Amit @Hariom @Rahul Seth @Parvinder Kaur @Rajni Narang Aneja We got our coverage in yesterday's session. I thank on behalf of all my winners of WE pitch Amroha. I think Amroha is the smallest city covered in this hunt for 1000 women. Reaching to the grassroots and acknowledging the efforts of women there is really commendable. I could have brought more women, but it is still a very long way to go ..as many of them are not used to coming on camera, do not have phones, cannot speak with confidence , don't have permission from their male family members to come out and shine.. Still bringing some of them out in light could be possible because of you @Tripti Somani and the team behind. Thanks again and God bless you all

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